RUCsport is the sports organisation at Roskilde University (RUC). We are a volunteer-driven nonprofit organisation with aiming to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for RUC students and employees.

We run the gym in building 45 and host a variety of activities.
In 2019 we have so far had volleyball, football, basketball, zumba, yoga, salsa, bachata, ultimate frisbee and viking combat.

You can read about our latest activities on our facebook group.

All classes and activities are free, but instructors might ask for personal tips (drikkepenge).
Yoga requires that you sign up (click here for link).

The gym & using the dance studio on your own requires that you join RUCsport and pay a membership fee (kontigent), see “how to join”.

You can contact us at: rucsport@gmail.com
We reply within 48 hours.