How to join

New memberships are processed Sundays and begin on Mondays at 8am.

If you want to a RUCsport membership, please follow this procedure:


  • 375dkk (3 months / 90 days)
  • 600dkk (6 months / 180 days)


Reg. nr: 9570

Konto nr: 12611439

Mobilepay: 59324

If you don’t have a Danish bank account, please contact us! We have a card reader. 🙂

Please include the following information in an email to

  • Full name
  • RUC-mail
  • Birthday (day/month/year)

Data collection
About our data collection: We need to document our members when working with the sports’ union. We always delete information about members 3 years after an ended membership or upon request while terminating a membership.

What the membership entitles you to

  • Use our facilities on campus.
  • Have your voice heard during decision making.
  • Vote and run for our board at the general assembly.
  • Participate in the general assembly, where we present our economy, vote on bylaws and much more.


  • If you haven’t been a RUCsport member before, you can acquire a trial membership for 125dkk for 1 month / 30 days. This can only be used once. Afterwards you’ll minimum need to pay for 3 months.